Digital drawing process. Making a monster "believable"


I would like to share one snapshot of my new work (still in progress)

The truth is I started this digital painting about one year ago. At that time I had not the necessary skills to draw all the detail properly, so I put it aside and created other works, in order to gain practice enough to tackle this on. I decided to finish it now since I have more confidence.

I wanted to post this image to contribute to the topic we were discussing a little while a go. That is, how to represent things from fantasy to appear more realistic.

For me the particular challenge of this painting , regarding the mentioned topic, is to make this bird-man-monster body, covered with plumage, appear believable, against the portrait of the girl.

It was a tough challenge to come up with the structure of a body covered in feathers, I used two strategies in reach my goal:

  1. Keeping the value distribution of the monster correct, so it matches the lighting of the girl, in order to make the impression that the two figures share the same space, under the same lighting.

  2. Controlling myself when drawing the feathers’ pattern, in order not using too much of “my style”. To avoid oversimplification or too much abstraction, I kept always the idea of drawing the feathers in random shapes and directions, to make the pattern appearing more organic, natural, and thus, believable,

It will take a while for me to finish it. I will be posting some pictures and videos of the steps until its completion. Please keep tuned!


Wow! Thank you Lucas! What an incredible opportunity to learn about your process. I’ll be sure to keep watching. :smiley:

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