Don't think..... feeeel

The sketch I was working on during Skype session. I used to draw quite a bit but haven’t for years, well apart from the line work pre painting. But decided I want to start working on my drawing and use of charcoal. Not got the charcoal pencils yet so today was practice with graphite.

Photo not great as appears to have increased contrast making some transitions look too harsh but hey, is just a sketch for practice.


Your Kung-fu is strooooooong. :slight_smile:


Be like graphite my friend, when you encounter the surface… become the surface… Graphite can crash with heavy application or flow with light application. Be like graphite my friend.

Or charcoal which is better :wink:

Edit: this comment only makes sense if you’ve seen Bruce’s using the metaphor of being like water in relation to martial arts


LOL! Yes- I am quite familiar with it. :smiley: