Drawing portrait in progress

Practicing portraiture in charcoal and pastel. It’s taken me about 30 hours so far; having fun with it, building up the layers of pigments. I took a photo of some girl guides selling calendars while on vacation in Portugal a few years back. Any feedback or suggestions is welcome, thanks so much for looking!


Here is the picture that I used, and my set up. I don’t grid, I just wing it and pray alot​:crazy_face::grin:
I’m really trying to build up the medium and fill in the drawing, working on the gradation and tonal values.


Wow Tracy, looks super, I love the way you handle the wispiness of the hair. Also - I know it’s probably because you’re not finished; but I think the way the drawing fades out to the more unresolved pencil at the bottom looks very cool. If it were my drawing I would definitely be tempted to leave it like that for effect.

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Thanks so very much, Martin! Yes, I will try and leave some of the paper; hopefully it doesn’t look too stupid, but if it does I can always fill it in!! :crazy_face:
Thanks again!!

Hello Tracy. It’s a very beautiful and very inspiring drawing. Could you also publish the original photo because I find sometimes it’s difficult to give suggestions without comparing with the source.

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Fantastic Tracy!!! :smiley:

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Gorgeous work. Love how you handled the braids and folds/creases in the shirt and the shadows across the face and head. Just a really lovely job.

Thank you so much for your feedback! I posted the drawing and my set up .

Thank you, Alexandra- I appreciate your comment!!

Thanks so much, Anthony!

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