Equine drawing

I’m working on this drawing. Trying to refine it, not sure if I should do much more on the background . Any suggestions on the piece? Thanks for looking! It’s about 20”x20”. (I forgot to measure it)


that’s looking super, I’d be inclined to leave the background ‘as is’.

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Thanks so much, Martin!!

It’s another wonderful drawing Tracy! I too think the background works as is. However, out of curiosity—what were you planning to do to it if you felt it needed “more.”

Thank you, Anthony! I was going to build up the medium a bit more, and put a bit more of a grassy look in the foreground. I did put a bit more medium on it but decided against anymore detail, as I wanted an out of focus effect on the two rails, so that the horse stands out. The drawing is much more subtle than the pic shows. I’m trying to refine and build up my drawings more. The excersises are so incredibly helpful! I was so inspired by everything I saw at your studio, I hope to push my work so much further. Thank you, you are the greatest inspiration!!


Thank you Tracy! That means the world to me. I look forward to seeing the drawing finished! :smiley:

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Love the out of focus effect!

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Thank you, Thomas!

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