Finished Mountain Laurel painting

This is my completed painting of Mountain Laurel flowers. 8” x 10” and painted on gessoed panel.


Great job Beverly–I love the variation ranging between the far and near leaves. Bravo! (and thank you for sharing here!) :heart:

i really like the effect of glowing transparency in the undersides of the leaves at the upper right. and painting over the edge of the canvas too as though there wasn’t enough work there already, real hard core. great stuff.


Thank you Anthony! Yes, I am trying to remember to get on the site more often! :+1::blush::heart: In this painting I was trying to get a sense of depth in the painting with the two clusters of flowers we had picked. I am glad it worked.

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Thank you, Martin. This is going to be interesting to get framed because it is gessoed board and what you are seeing is the over-side painted part of the gesso itself. It will probably be covered once framed, unfortunately. I’ll see what my framer can do. :+1:

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Great job!!

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Very nice Beverly!

Thank You!:+1:

Thank you, Thomas!:+1::blush:

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That came up brilliant, well done.

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Great painting Bev! Love the light!

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This is stunning!