Life Path, just signed today

Hi all,

Here is the finished painting that was on the back burner for a while. I am posting a few images as it was a wip until early afternoon!

Lately, I have been painting very Ethereal Portraits and Allegorical Figurative works. I am branding myself on this style as I feel that is what I am about with a bohemian underlying tone. My fav pre raphaelite was Waterhouse! That is true to my soul.

Question for you all: can you tell me what my narrative is? The last shot is the final painting!

The model was shot in my studio with a mid gray background. I shoot allot if outdoor locations and incorporate them and match the lighting in ps layers and then print a sight sized poster from my computer. I will be doing a YouTube video next week with a step by step on process, materials, and methods! Peace out and Happy Valentines Day!


that’s a great niche for you and wonderful painting.

What I’d read into the narrative:-

white bird - innocence, purity, but it’s got red on it so that’s like blood, it’s not untouched by horror.

black bird (or what could more likely be a white bird in shadow) looks like it is beckoning to follow but no one wants to look/go in that direction yet.

the overlaid field of poppies is the aftermath of war and that associated symbolism of loss and tragedy.

the forest is life.

the girl is in the midst of it all.

That’d be my interpretation anyway, am I on the right track?

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ooh and I just spotted the black bird tattoo on her neck, this could change things in a few directions. you’ve got me thinking now…

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I think I missed this post on here. It turned out super good, Nanci!!:heart: