"Genesis" Oil on Panel 9"x12"

this will be the first in a small series of ‘Polaroid’ trompe l’oeil paintings. This photo is just a crop of the top section. The paper is not done and several LEGO blocks. I’m hoping to get it mostly done by the end of the year. Any feedback or comments are welcome.


I LOVE the idea to do polaroids! I will definitely follow this series with excitement. It’s looking great!

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Thanks @RachelMiller :grinning: :heart:

I absolutely love it Mark!!! What a cool series idea… Can’t wait to see it all wrapped up!

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Cool! Love the idea!!! Great progress!

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I’m looking forward to seeing if the varnish pattern works! should probably prep a test panel soon.

thanks @Sugarbaker :heart: :grinning:

This looks great! Nice one @MarkMcD

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Thanks @richard !!

This is really cool. My only comment in terms of improvement is that the circles on the yellow lego on the left right under the white brick are a bit wobbly and I think they should be crisper like the rest of your lines. Love the color scheme and the subject matter. Can’t wait to see the final product!

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The yellow bricks weren’t done yet :). the piece will be finished soon and will post more pics.