It's Time to Recognize the Contribution Arts can Make to Health and Wellbeing

It’s time to recognize the contribution arts can make to health and wellbeing
by Nicola Slawson via The Guardian

Photograph: Zero Creatives/Getty Images/Image Source

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Excerpt: " Arts and Minds, a leading arts and mental health charity, has been running weekly art workshops for people experiencing depression, stress or anxiety in Cambridgeshire for the past seven years. Led by an artist and counsellor, its Arts on Prescription project offers a chance to work with a range of materials and techniques, including printmaking and sculpture. The impact has been outstanding.

An evaluation revealed a 71% decrease in feelings of anxiety and a 73% fall in depression; 76% of participants said their wellbeing increased and 69% felt more socially included. As one participant says: “I feel so much better having had the time and space to do some art. It makes such a difference.”

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