Earlyarts Creative Leadership Training and Online Resource

Earlyarts is an award winning training company for early educators, cultural managers and business leaders who believe in the power of creativity for leadership, teaching and learning.

Their website offers training opportunities for educators as well as resources to help in currciulum development and lesson planning. For example:


From their site: "We believe the arts and creativity play an important role in early education and in cultural leadership, and can have a big impact on our youngest children and their families. Anyone who shares our passion is welcome to join us!

We help early educators, cultural managers and business leaders develop specialist creative approaches to leadership, teaching and learning.

We help you understand how our brains and bodies work best,how the right creative experiences can make a big difference to the way you reach your potential, how to harness your own creativity as a leader of learning, and how to involve your teams in achieving the best outcomes possible.

Earlyarts’ consultants bring over 35 years of specialist expertise across neuroscience, arts in the early years curriculum, creative teaching and leadership, creative early years pedagogies, family friendly design in museums, galleries and theatres, emotional and social intelligence, positive behaviour management, creative voices for children with Selective Mutism, GROW coaching and business innovation.

We can support you as an expert trainer, specialist consultant, critical friend, key note speaker, academic reviewer, researcher or strategic adviser. You can benefit from learning the latest creative approaches on one of our specialist creative training courses or having a bespoke programme tailored to your specific needs and interests.

As a result, we enable hundreds of business, education and cultural leaders to master creative approaches that help achieve outstanding results, both personally and professionally."

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