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askART Terms Glossary: Glossary Terms 'A': Art, Artists, Auction Records

International Commission on Illumination’s ILV: International Lighting Vocabulary (Standard CIE S 017/E:2011) : e-ILV | CIE

Museum of Modern Art Main Glossary:

National Gallery, London Glossary of Art Terms: Glossary | Paintings | National Gallery, London

Tate Glossary of Art Terms:

Essential Vermeer Glossary of Art Terms: Glossary of Art Terms

Will Kemp Art School Glossary of Oil Painting Terms: Oil Painting Terms - The Essential Guide for Beginners

Will Kemp Art School Glossary of Acrylic Painting Terms: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Acrylic Painting Terms


Glatfelter Glossary of Paper Terminology: Segments - Glatfelter Engineered Materials

Creative Glossary: Creative Glossary - Art Materials and General Art Terms Category

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Art History Archive Main Glossary: Art Glossary of Terms - Art Lexicon AA to AZ - The Art History Archive

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CAMEO: Conservation and Art Materials Encyclopedia Online : Main Page - CAMEO

Canadian Conservation Institute Glossary of Terms :

Fine Arts Conservancy Glossary for Paintings Glossary For Paintings | The Fine Arts Conservancy

Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute : Museum Conservation Institute | Museum Conservation Institute

North Carolina Museum of Art - Primer for the Materials, Methods, and Techniques of Conservation:

University Library/University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Glossary of Terms: Preservation Services – University of Illinois Library

Inside the Conservators Studio (by Gwen Spicer) A Glossary of Safe Materials for Storage: Inside the Conservator's Studio: Glossary of safe materials for storage


University of Cork Glossary of Printmaking Terms: Printmaking Glossary of Art Terms

International Print Center, New York Glossary of Printmaking Terms:

Glossary of Printing and Graphic Terms: Glossary of Printing & Graphic Terms

USA Glossary of Giclee on Canvas and Fine Art Prints Terminology
USA, Glossary Of Picture Framing Terms

Wells & Drew The Printing Dictionary:


Nikon USA Glossary: Photography Glossary | Photography Terms & Video Terminology | Nikon

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Digital Photography Tips Glossary: Glossary of Digital Photography Terminology

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