LoD in graphite, charcoal, before charcoal and white pastel?

I’m back into art training, and recently joined Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art as a part-time student. As I had hoped, the social environment is helpful in keeping my attention on art.

EAFA uses the more conventional sequence of Bargue drawings in graphite, followed by cast drawings in charcoal without white pastel. However, I would still like to work through the Waichulis curriculum.

Right now I’m considering to go through LoD in graphite, then in charcoal, then in charcoal and white pastel. My thought is that it’s better to focus on using one drawing media at a time. I imagine I’ll be able to move faster and skip some repetitions when moving from one dry media to the next.

Assuming that I’m in no hurry to get to oil paint, does this approach make sense, or should I silo the two schools of training and just go through LoD once in charcoal and white pastel?

Thinking on it more, the skills I’d acquire doing LoD in charcoal and white pastel should readily transfer to graphite and charcoal alone. Problem solved :slight_smile: