Making a design

Hi everyone in smartermarx,

I have questions to anybody who has knowledge about making a 3D designs or composing them first on two dimentionsional surfaces before sculpting them.
1- I want to participate in an art prize for a private art collection competition, the prize is for any artist or anyone who has experience in making designs using the material (polyester resin). The design is for a trophy for this private art collection’s future art competitions prizes, in brief my inquiry here is for ( how to make art trophy design) by drawing and/or painting the design on two dimensional surface. And I have definitely no experience in making designs, but i thought I would participate with my ideas. Anyone please know any resource/s that I can read or see in youtube or in any place that I can gather some info about making art trophy designs and what ideas I can incorporate into this design that carry the characteristics of this private collection for art?

2- anyone please knows if the polyester resin has limitations or advantages over any material for sculpting, that one should have in mind before drawing the design so that the maker of the trophy can’t do based on the design composition? For example, can someone make a head or face cast from polyester resin that won’t be difficult to the sculptor to perform because i can’t have a resource to resin sculpture that can carry fine details?

3- according to your knowledge /understanding, artists, is there any trophy in art that can carry all the characteristics of all representational /non-representational arts in one trophy? I personally don’t think that and I think every art field should have a special trophy for it because it’s impossible or at least difficult to represent all art fields in one trophy. For example, can you incorporate sculpture and painting or drawing as arts that a one trophy can represent them and how to do it? Does this require any knowledge of an architect or a mathematician😅?

I appreciate all your comments and ideas.