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First post to Smartermarx! Hello frens. I am coming out of hiding cause I am very enthusiastic about the crypto space (I drank the cool aid). I thought I would share some good resources to build upon what was discussed. If you have any good articles you want to share, if there isn’t a link already, then this thread is a great place to post!

Martin PIckup also wrote a wonderful post about the subject in Smartermarx and I would encourage reading it! Jamie Lindholm gave a wonderful presentation during the Round Table meeting and brought the subject up!

NFT Token standards on Ethereum. What is an NFT? Here are the token standard models widely used currently. (This is more nitty gritty)

Here is another informative article talking about what an NFT is. (The article under the video is excellent)

Here is some speculation on how NFTs will be used as adoption continues.

The famous auction house, Sothebys, bought a piece of digital land in a promising and popular crypto metaverse (not facebooks meta) and is opening a virtual gallery.

There are great educators on YouTube if you are looking for more information on crypto in general. Coin Bureau has great easy to digest content about everything crypto from an educators perspective. He does a good job sharing his observations in the most objective manner he can.

Another thing to be aware of artist is getting your domain name on these crypto networks. ENS is the domain name manager for the Ethereum network. They don’t do much now since the infrastructure isn’t built yet (or that I am aware of), but in 5 years, you might be happy you bought your domain now vs later. Something to put on the radar and think about. They sell the domains as NFTs, so they can offer many more functions beyond art.


Awesome!!! Thank you Alex!!! :heart:

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Awesome! Good resources.

Regarding the ENS thing - they’re used as a redirect to your wallet address - so instead of having to tell someone to send ETH to “0x089ba8b45f2D2ccd8BA82Cc7d43433d281115287” you just need “alex.eth” (for example, don’t send to that) which is obviously much easier! (

However the because ENS domains are ETH based, they currently cost about $200 and you have to renew this every year…

SOL has them too, (via bonfida) and they’re currently about $20 for life, permanent, one off payment! (you can still easily sell/transfer them) quite possibly worth nabbing early before the more common ones get snapped up. Incidentally feel free to send massive amounts of SOL to martinpickup.sol :slight_smile:

As an extra caveat - these are blockchain specific, you wouldn’t want to send SOL to an ETH address for example.

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