Productive Discourse: Headline Format for Resources

If at any time you are posting a resource (either contained within the site or external to it), anywhere outside of a category labeled “Resources”, please use this format for the headline: RESOURCE:X.

For example, in Core Topics/Color, I posted a resource. The headline reads, " RESOURCE:The Dimensions of Color by David Briggs". This way, resources can quickly be identified amid a number of conversations.

If the resource is material specific to drawing or painting you can write, MEDIA:RESOURCE:X.

You may also include the nature, or “format” of the resource (AUDIO/VIDEO/PHOTO/TEXT) if you like. For example, MEDIA:FORMAT:X. You can see this in the tutorial section with some of the content there. One particular headline reads, "DRAWING:VIDEO:Layering Dynamics of Hard White Pastel". This quickly tells the user that the entry contains a video resource on drawing.

User posts that are deemed resources may have their headlines edited to maintain this format. Hopefully, this will allow for effective, efficient, and enjoyable browsing.

Thank you!