RESOURCE:Acurasee: Digital Grid and Proportion Tools for Artists

Accurasee is website with digital drawing tools such as grids for artists.

Photo via Mike Evan.


The embedded videos don’t seem to be working on that website, here is a link to the Accurasee YouTube Videos:

Also, Rodney Davis made a great tutorial on to add a grid to photo references using Photoshop.

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Thank you Leah! Much appreciated. :smiley:

Was just looking, this company also offers some decently priced proportional dividers. Any thoughts on those as well? Brand and type of tool in general?

I don’t have any experience with the Acurasee proportional dividers or know of anyone who has tried them. Currently, we are using regular Alvin dividers. If you’re interested, we’d be happy to try the Acurasee proportional dividers and post a review.


I would appreciate the input, even if you just take a look and see if they make sense. They look pretty easy to use and there are you tube videos on how to use them. I just don’t know if they would turn out to be a useful tool or a “Gee, I used that one time then left it in the corner of my drawing box!” type thing.

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No problem Beth! I’ll order them and see if anyone at the studio would like to try them. We’ll see if they end up in the corner of the drawing box. :slight_smile: