Shape replications again :)

Hi I’m trying to draw through the lines I see so that they hit the space box but everything looks so messy. Am I supposed to do this or imagine where I think the point is. Also my straight lines suck right now. And my line weight is too heavy

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When comparing to the transparent overlay, my points aren’t too bad but it’s very fuzzy. I’m going to try without so many follow through lines.

Hopefully by the time I get to the 4th-5th sheet I figure out how to get clean lines

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Yes—you should be doing your best to “visualize” where the mark should go. The goal is to pair and reinforce certain motor programs (your movements) with specific visual stimuli. Too many people rush through this not developing an adequate series of useful responses. The lines will absolutely be messy in the beginning and should refine with deliberate practice. We have the students here use the Canson to begin to get a feel for it but if you find you are burning through too many sheets you can switch to cheap newsprint until you feel more confident. Kudos to you Patrick for really digging into this exercise. :heart:

I will be spending months on this + bargue plates. Just to train seeing envelopes.

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Awesome! :smiley: