RESOURCE:Zsolt Color Mixing Tools

With one of the most impressive programs for exploring color mixing, Italian engineer Zsolt M. Kovacs-Vajna’s brings new meaning to the idea of effective color navigation with his Color Mixing Tools:

Color2Drop (a program to convert RGB, Lab or Munsell HVC color coordinates into paint mixing recipes)

Drop2Color (a program to visualize the color of mixed paint recipes)

RS2Color (a program to visualize the color of reflectance spectra)

Current version is: 3.17.47 (2017 January)


If you would like to use my Color Mixing Tools and download the system, please send me an e-mail message, so I can send you the access info. You’ll need two files: MCRInstaller.exe and You should download them together, because the version numbers must match. Please note that you are authorized to use the system only according to the Disclaimer below and you are not allowed to put the MATLAB libraries on the internet for any reason. However, please feel free to give the two files to your colleagues or friends, but only for educational purposes.