Artist Round Table Bi-Monthly Zoom Session Follow-Up Newsletter (08-21-2021)

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First, we are super proud to announce the launch of the new ÁNI Art Academies’ website! This site was a ton of work - and there is still so much more to add. We wanted this new site to celebrate the incredible work of our many talented creatives, as well as to effectively inform the many aspiring artists that consider our resources as part of their educational journey. We hope you enjoy browsing around the site (and please pardon some potential hiccups as we are still building.)

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Congratulations go out to Debra Keirce as one of her works was juried into the INNOVATIONS 2022 exhibition!!! The show is co-hosted by The International Society of Experimental Artists, partnering with the Art Gallery of St. Albert, in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. The exhibition will run from August 18th to October 1st, 2022.

If you are in the area, please check out Mountainside Miniatures 18th Annual Exhibit and Sale, hosted by Lakewood Arts Gallery, Lakewood, CO. Debra’s Keirce will have three paintings in the show! Show dates: August 28th - September 29th, 2022.

One more show for Debra - (as she is unstoppable!), Art of the Heartland is Mena Art Gallery’s premier national art show and competition. 2022 will mark its 8th year. Show dates: August 31st – October 29th, 2022.

Not sure where she finds time and energy to do it all! Debra is giving a workshop this fall. Portraiture – Four Days, Four Ways is a joined workshop that Debra is giving with her friend, a colleague Maria Bennett Hock.

Check out Shawna’s Lampi-Legaree newest video on her YouTube Channel: HOW TO MIX BLACK with “complementariness” (and a “surprising combination.”) In this video, Shawna will mix various paint color combinations to create black. She has chosen to focus on using three historical complimentary options: blue/orange, red/green, and purple/yellow.

For anyone who is interested in exploring the Virtual Gallery concept brought up by Mark this past week, below are a few software resources to explore.

For people who are interested in careful planning prior to building their website, please check out the website wireframing tool - Figma that Anthony mentioned this week. Figma is a collaborative browser-based interface design tool that can be very helpful.

In addition to Mark’s comments on virtual galleries, Anthony mentioned tools to create virtual walkthroughs this week. (Thank you to Suzanne Batchelor for remembering the name of this resource!) The resource Anthony and Suzanne mentioned is Matterport. It can allow you to transform any space into a dimensionally-accurate digital twin with your smartphone.

Please join artist Donald Jurney and Ginny Williams (owner of Williams Fine Art Dealers) in a new exciting endeavor. Both of them have long dreamed of finding a way to sell art that meets the demands of today’s collectors while supporting the artist more than the traditional gallery model. Art Niche is their brainchild.
Please take a look at the booklet linked here to learn more, and share with other artists you think would benefit from this model.

Thank you to Mark McDermott for sharing his awesome technique for simplifying reference color with photoshop. For those interested, here is the website that Mark used to determine potential paint mixtures - PaintMaker. Paintmaker is actually a version of Zsolt Kovacs’ Color Mixing Tools Software. You can learn more about it HERE.

The topic of packing and shipping artwork came up again this past session. Below are reminders from our previous newsletters on Fine Art Packing and Shipping Couriers.

We also would like to thank Deborah Kommalan for recommending the Silicone release paper. The silicone release paper is a very handy paper that will not stick to artwork. This parchment-like paper will withstand heat applications without sticking or damaging artwork and is commonly used in dry mounting presses, release liners when working with waxes and adhesives, and for wrapping tacky or wet artwork.
below are three distributors that carry this product, it is also available on Amazon.

Here at ÁNI we often use Plumbing Pipe Insulation to protect the edges and corners of the artwork during shipping. Please note, that the Pipe Insulation has to be adheisive-free.

Below is the list of Fine Art packing, shipping services, and artwork packing supplies.
Cadogan Tate - Fine Art & Interior Designer Services - Moving & Storage Services
Art Couriers
StrongBox by Airfloat
(ÁNI Art Academies use AtrongBoxes by Airfloat to ship works from and to, all of our international locations. We use and abuse these boxes, and they last for years. There are strongboxes that have been to the Caribbean and back over 15 times, and they still hold up)

The great debate - what shipping carries to use to ship your artwork?
At the ÁNI Art Academies, we had great success with the UPS shipping domestically. Artwork always arrives on time and is undamaged. On rare occasions, when something did occur, UPS honored the insurance claims and gave extra credit for future shipments. We do prefer DHL when shipping internationally. DHL is fast (you do not want your artwork to travel around the world for a long time) so the quicker it can get to its international destination–the better.
An important aspect of the shipping process is the packaging. The carriers will try their best to handle the package with care, but accidents will happen, and if sturdy and fall-withstanding packaging does not protect your artwork, you might lose a painting or a drawing.
Below are a few links for packaging crates/boxes that ÁNI Academies used and had great success with.

STANDARD WOOD CRATES (various sizes)
ARTWORK SHIPPERS (various sizes)
THE AIR FLOAT STRONG BOX (various sizes, preferred by ÁNI)

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