So...Glenn Beck is an Artist Now

I came across this comical headline from Artnet this morning: “Art Industry News: We Regret to Inform You That Glenn Beck Is an Artist Now, and His Paintings Are Just as Bizarre as You Suspected + Other Stories.”

Within the news brief, it read," Glenn Beck Is a Painter Now – *We regret to inform you that the latest right-wing figure to reinvent himself as an artist is Glenn Beck (though he rejects the label “artist”). The conspiracy theorist and political commentator picked up painting during the pandemic and is now displaying his work at Park City Fine Arts in Utah. Proceeds from the sales will fund Beck’s charitable work. Subjects include Teddy Roosevelt, a 1936 boxing match between Joe Louis and Max Schmeling, and, um, depictions of Jesus Christ as a prisoner in Mao’s China and a concentration camp. “I don’t want to make [art] about politics,” Beck said. “This history counts to all of us.” (Deseret News)*".

Well, it’s true. And honestly, I don’t think the works are all that bad. If you would like to check out his works for yourself, you can see them here! by following this link to Park City Fine Art in Utah (and the prices ain’t too shabby either!!!):

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