The Work of Jonathan Aller

From time to time I will come across an artist onm social media whose style I find extremely interesting. One such artist is Jonathan Aller. While he does have a good number of endeavors that can be described as more “mainstream” representationalism, he has also created a number of works that juxtapose this representationalism with a strong graphic representation–and I think the combination is quite striking. See what you think:

“En Processo”

“La Mirada”

“Siempre en Movimiento”

Of this style, Jonathan writes: “My painting style is a contemporary take on classical portraiture. Through lines, flat colors, graphic elements, and traditional/contemporary techniques, I hope the viewer gets a contemporary portraiture experience that echoes its history and speaks to the constructed nature of the sitter’s identity.

To learn more about Jonathan’s efforts you can visit his website here:
Or his blog which includes some insightful WIPs:

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