Tromp l'oeil technique

hi everyone,
i’m relatively new here and have already picked up a great many useful tips from reading through the categories. but… i have not found a category specifically for techniques associated with the tromp l’oeil genre, so… can we start one please :pray: i know some of you guys are fairly good at this stuff :smiley:

i’d like to have a go at painting a tromp l’ceil picture, one that looks like there are bits of paper stuck in the frame. to make these look realistic, i’ll need to paint their cast shadows on the “actual painting”. i know it’s not rocket science, but… maybe somebody has some tips for me?

the cast shadows should look realistic when the viewer is standing in front of the painting - so i guess it makes sense to set up an interim “still life” with the paper elements arranged so that their shadows are correct, i.e. believable? With the right colour background so that the colour of those shadows are believable?

Grateful for any advice… :man_dancing:


This is a great idea Sigrid! I will go ahead and start a new category in the Genre section. You throw out the questions and I will address each and every one. :heart:

cool! thanks Anthony! got some questions already lined up waiting for their big moment… :dancing_women:

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Ok, it’s all set up for you! (Under Genres) :heart: