WIP trompe l’oeil still life of peony

Still a lot of work to do here, but making good progress.


Looking great Thomas! It appears you are working with some super high-chroma. Very impressive.

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Thanks. I’ve been building up that chroma with glazes. The camera phone I’m using is intensifying it even more. I haven’t gotten the trick of taking good photos of my paintings. Speaking of chroma, I’ve been meaning to ask you how you approach painting brights. In nature, the brights of an object often appear more chromatic than the darks, but the standard method of lightening a color by adding white (unless it’s just a sparing amount) just dechromatizes it and cools it, giving it this milky appearance, as it raises the value. I found one way to deal with this is to add white to a color to lighten the value and then when dry glaze over it to rechromatize it. With some colors, like greens, I can add a little white and yellow for the brights, but this obviously doesn’t work with all colors. What is your approach?

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Thomas, this looks terrific. I love the wood! The pink looks like Holbein’s Opera Pink. Very fine!

Thanks. I appreciate it. That pink is just glazes of quinacridone violet.