Utrecht Cadmium Free Colors

For those that may be concerned about Cadmium alternatives:

Blick Art Materials Launches Utrecht Cadmium-Free Artists’ Oil Colors

Dick Blick writes: "New paints possess same features and working properties as their cadmium counterparts, while being safe for artists and the environment Brooklyn, New York, July 30, 2018 — Leading the way in creating an alternative to cadmium oil paints, Utrecht Manufacturing has added eight new cadmium-free oil colors to its popular Artists’ Oil Colors line. Slated for availability on July 30, 2018, at Blick Art Materials stores, at DickBlick.com, and at Utrecht.com, the new cadmium-free colors encompass a traditional range of oranges, reds, and yellows.

Developed over 3-1/2 years by a dedicated team of scientists, artists, and paint-makers, the new oil paints perform like their cadmium counterparts while also addressing artists’ health and environmental concerns. What’s more, they offer balanced color spacing, improved color richness, and increased color brilliance, according to participants in a recent blind test conducted by Utrecht’s parent company, Blick Art Materials.

During the test, participants were each given eight tubes of paint — four cadmium-free colors, and four of their cadmium counterparts. Each participant was asked to test and compare the tone, tint, and opacity of the cadmium colors against the cadmium-free colors, without knowing which paints they were testing. Of the nearly 40 professional oil painters responding, the majority reported that the cadmium-free colors offered similar or improved color spacing — and comparable if not better workability, texture, color strength, hue, covering power, and tinting and glazing qualities.

Participants also cited safety as a major benefit of the new paints. Artist Daniel Peci said,“I spend long hours in front of the canvas every day, and the cadmium-free formula makes exposure to oil paint worry-free.” Virginia Lago added, “Not only are they safer for my health and the environment, they also perform the same if not better than the old formula.” Mia Tarducci said the color spectrum and affordability have always made the Utrecht brand her “go to,” and found Utrecht’s new cadmium-free series of oils exciting in part “because of Utrecht’s commitment to value, safety, and the working artist.” Tony Blick Art Materials LLC, Utrecht Manufacturing Corporation, and Utrecht Manufacturing LLC are all subsidiarie of Dick Blick Holdings Inc.

Caviston, a professional artist for more than 50 years, said, “the health benefits alone are a great feature,” while Jim Serrett said, “The cads are back! I removed cads from my palette a few years back over environmental concerns. So I am super glad to see a viable alternative.”

“The launch of our Utrecht Cadmium-Free Artists’ Oil Colors is an industry first that was long overdue yet carefully undertaken,” said Blick Art Materials CEO Bob Buchsbaum, adding that although the primary goal was to create superior-quality paints with the look, consistency, and opacity of traditional cadmium oil colors, the company also wanted to eliminate the health concerns associated with cadmium paints.

_“This not only benefits artists and the environment,” Buchsbaum said, “but also ensures a safer work environment for the associates who develop and create Utrecht oil paints at our Brooklyn manufacturing facility, where the paints have been produced for decades.” _

All eight Utrecht Cadmium-Free Artists’ Oil Colors are made using high-performance organic pigments in a linseed oil base, a safflower oil base, or both. The new paints have earned AP Non-Toxic certification by the Art and Creative Materials Institute."

Please let us know if you have any experience with these new Cadmium-free colors!

For more info: https://www.dickblick.com/landing/utrecht-artists-oils-cadmium-free/?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=073018

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interesting… i’m wondering how these new hues mix with other hues - will they behave like the cadmium pigments when mixing up, say, a green or brown? each of these cadmium-free hues is a blend of several pigments (my old holland cadmium red contains only PR108, my norma cadmium orange contains only PO20). will they give muddier mixtures? :thinking:

not that i’m an expert on colour mixing, but the purists out there might expect them to mix less cleanly with other colours? the test report did not mention any colour mixing…

the details about the actual pigments are here, on page 6: http://www.dick-blick.com/msds/DBH_SDS_02122XXXX.pdf