What Does Realistic Look Like? -Free Download

“What Does Realistic Look Like?” 2018, (version 1.0) 52 pgs.


Due to the nature of my work I am often asked, “How do you get your paintings to look so realistic?” It’s a great question in the sense that it usually opens the door to an enjoyable conversation about art, visual perception, and a host of related topics that I find utterly fascinating. However, much of that ensuing conversation is determined by how the inquirer responds to a question that I pose in response to theirs, “What does realistic look like?

Intended for visual artists, this treatise offers what I hope is an engaging exploration of what “realistic” truly means in terms of visual perception and communication.

Download the full PDF here: http://anthonywaichulis.com/resources/

You may notice that I have added a version descriptor here in the event that I update the text. If you notice any errors or would like to provide feedback on this resource, please feel free to contact me at: yychuls@gmail.com

EDIT: v 1.1 small corrections made 4/5/2018.
EDIT: v 1.2 additional small corrections 4/6/2018.


Reading it now. Thank you very much for sharing this very useful information!

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