WIP Drawing - Disarm

Hello All,

I’ve been working on LOD home study for a couple years now and am just starting the cone replications and am working on the cylinder cumulative. I thought what better way to try to learn more than start a WIP page that I will update throughout the process and some of the more advanced artists can help me out if they feel up to it ;-).

The image is from what I would call the first pass with soft charcoal. I usually do this to make sure I get everything down and the way I want. My next phase is to go over the entire thing and bring in the darks a bit more for the addition of the first pass of white.

Any comments or suggestions let em fly!! Thanks for looking.



An absolutely STELLAR launch to this drawing Al. Bravo my friend----well done. I look forward to seeing this evolve. :smiley:


Thank you very much Anthony!

I’ve been finding a bit more time to work on my drawing so hopefully it won’t be months between updates ;-).


I’ve had some time to finish darkening up the first layer of charcoal, I will add a bit more as I go along but in order to see what I’m doing it is right before I add white.

I started adding the white and doing the rendering and it seems to be going well. I’ll post updates when I get more along!!


Took awhile to get back to work on this but am continuing the first pass of adding white and rendering form. Going OK so far.


Yay! I finished the first pass and have the piece where I can start to add a bit more detail and fix any issues I have. Pretty excited about this one and getting to the fun stuff :slight_smile:

Sorry about the crappy iPhone pic, I didn’t feel like pulling out the scanner for it, I’ll post a better finished one…


This is really coming along nicely Al. Since you are immersed in our LoD program (and excelling with it I might add) I was wondering if you might be interested in exhibiting with our Capturing Realism exhibit in 2019? As the exhibit is over a year away you have no deadline pressure. Something to think about…

I can send you more info in the coming months if you have interest-- :smiley:

Hi Anthony! I’m very interested in the next CR show, I wanted to submit something this time around but got banged up;-).

I was messaging with Beverly on the weekend and she mentioned asking to get added to your Skype calls? I may be able to make this Sunday’s and am wondering if I could join this week?

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Definitely Al! Shoot me your email address and Skype name at yychuls@gmail.com. No obligation of course—if you’re online we will add you in!

Just about done this one, I’m gonna smooth out the background and do some touch ups but this is pretty much what she’ll look like when its done. I’m pretty happy how it turned out for a Cylinder cumulative :wink:



It’s a brilliant drawing Al! Bravo!!! :smiley:

This one is a wrap! Finished this up the weekend and am quite happy with it! I struggled with a lot of it and learned a ton with this one. Especially about composition, I put too many elements with the same values together and had to “tweak” some values to I didn’t loose edges with objects behind the foreground objects, live and learn ;-).


Brilliant! :smiley:

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That is a WOW FACTOR! The values are close and forms still turning.

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Awesome drawing!

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