Finished Cube Phase 1

Used to post these on Facebook but thought I’d start sharing here. Sorry for the weird distortion they were shot on my phone and didn’t get the best pics :slight_smile:

I finished up the second sheet of phase 1 cubes, going not o phase 2 tonight!


PERFECTION AL!!! Looking great brother! :smiley:

Thanks Anthony, I’ll post more in here maybe the first couple of Phase 2, if the posts it can help anyone out all the better.

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They definitely do! :heart: Thanks Al!

these look super sharp, can’t wait until i’m nailing them like this.

Here is my first attempt at the phase 2 drawing. I setup a pretty solid still for this one and this is what I see, I’m not seeing the shadow with as much reflected light as the pic maybe my shadow box is way to dark?

This is a scan for a change, I had to take apart my scanning station to setup an office to work from home but got it working again.

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Looking really nice Al! You’re going to be finished with the program before you know it!

Well here is my first side of smooth done! This social distancing stuff is annoying but man I have lots of time :joy:

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Awesome brother! You’ll be done in no time! :smiley:
(PS) They are looking great~~~

Finished my rough side and my first sheet of phase 2 of the cube exercises. ONE more sheet and I can move on!

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Awesome Al!!! Have you started to think about your gauntlet piece?

Hi Anthony!

Yeah I have a piece I have that I got too scared to draw earlier that I think may qualify, its a collage of items of my grandfathers that I grabbed from my grandma after he passed away. The pocket watch isn’t his but it is close to the one he used to carry. Do you think it would work?

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I’m also working on this for a break on the cube exercises, a good friend of mine asked to draw this for a friends who’s cat died and it combines a couple things I love, drawing and cute cates :slight_smile: I’m almost done modelling in the little guy and am about to start to render it more.


HELL YEAH I think it would work. It’s a fantastic composition. :heart:

Finished my final sheet of the cube phase 2 exercises! Not sure what’s next I need to watch the videos but excited to be moving on and doing the rest of the cube exercises!


BOOM! Looking great! So excited to see you nearing the end of the LoD program Al!

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Thanks Anthony, I’m looking forward to completing the course and then move onto the painting program. My cube cumulative will be boring cuz I only have stuff laying around in my house to use, it will be interesting to say the least, lol.

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