3d objects exercise

Continuing with the curriculum.
I don’t have a white ball with me, i have a big chunk of grey clay that i can make into any shape.
I don’t think it will necessarily cause any loss, but it is also not ideal, idk lemme know what your opinion on this, below is the first grey ball.

Also should i do the shadow aswell? it will make less room on the paper and also not asked in the exercise, but just for the sake of it?

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here’s a pic of my bals, the four small ones are done for practice purpose, technique and what’s the fastest way and all that) the larger ones are attempts at capturing the clay ball on the left, odd how each attempt has something different.


Kudos on your improvisation here! Can I ask how you are challenging yourself with each new sphere? Repetition alone is not enough to yield solid development. Here at the studio (within the LoP curriculum) I push each student to get each one cleaner and cleaner. This is how deliberate practice works. For more on this:


Hi ! well in the pic above its not as clear but i do push for making each attempt better than the last one, here’s a close up of the first four spheres that i did (the large ones), excuse the pathetic quality of my phone camera, but you can see how better the fourth one(bottom right) is compared to the first one. (top left)

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