Language of Drawing Exercise Collection

Below is a Dropbox link to a collection of Language of Drawing Exercises. Many of the images are hi-resolution details so that viewers can better appreciate the resolution that we aim for with our practice.

Folders within the LoD Exaercise Examples parent folder are organized into subfolders:

LOD Cones
LOD Creative Projects
LOD Cubes
LOD Cylinders
LOD Form Boxes
LOD Gauntlet-Capstone
LOD Gradation Blocks
LOD Gradation Patterns
LOD Misc
LOD Origin Destination
LOD Pressure Scales
LOD Shape Replication
LOD Spheres

The naming system for the files within is as follows:

LOD = Language of Drawing
LOP = Language of Painting

OD = Origin Destination
SR = Shape Replication
PS = Pressure Scales
GB = Gradation Blocks
GP = Gradation Patterns
FB = Form Box
SP = Spheres
CY = Cylinders
CN = Cones
CB = Cubes
CC = Color Chart
CP = Creative Project

DW = Diagnostic Wheel
P1 = Phase 1
P2 = Phase 2
P3 = Phase 3
LF = Life
WH = Wheel
CT = Cumulative
EC = Elipse Chart

001, 002, 003, ect.
A001, A002, A003, ect
B001, B002, B003, ect



(Language of Drawing, Cubes, Cube from Life)

Other Examples:
Langage of Drawing: Sphere Cumulative Process images
LOD_SP_CM_Process_A001.jpg, LOD_SP_CM_Process_A002.jpg, ect.
LOD_SP_CM_Process_B001.jpg, LOD_SP_CM_Process_B002.jpg, ect.

Language of Painting: Cylinder, Wheel


:open_mouth: Fantastic! Thank you, this will be an amazing help!

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Very handy, Thank you!


thanks so much, anthony :+1:
i find it so helpful to see a piece of work halfway through!
and even drawing exercises have a certain charm :slightly_smiling_face:

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These are awesome can I use these with my students as well @AWaichulis , thanks for sharing

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Absolutely Zoran—Anything of mine that I post on here you are free to use as you see fit. :smiley:

Great to hear thanks Anthony, very kind of you.

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What a fantastic resource - thanks for making this available…!!

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