2nd Form Box (not really) WIP

So this drawing was started back before I started the sphere exercises. It was supposed to be my 2nd form box drawing, but I got creative. Creativity is good but shockingly it leads to anxiety so I took refuge in the sphere exercises. Now I am determined to finish it. Its in an ugly stage and I am hoping the canson mi teintes paper will hold up to the abuse. I get a lot of direct sunlight in my art space, controlling the light is difficult. I have been using photoshop to print references that are over and under exposed to make choices from. I hope to have better set up soon. Any comments and critiques are totally welcome. Thanks


that’s so cool!!! Its looking great, I’m anxious to see the finished drawing!

thanks! I hope it works out!

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Looking great jaylene!

Thanks, I appreciate that. Still trying to nail down the half tones but hoping to finish soon.


Ok I am calling this done. I will probably keep tweaking it but now to focus on the sphere from life


Beautiful Jaylene! You’ve done a wonderful job—Bravo!

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looks awesome!!

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