4 Steps To a Realistic Oil Painting with Debra Keirce (9-13 to 9-16)

LINK: Debra Keirce - Workshop - 4 Steps To a Realistic Oil Painting with Debra Keirce

Price: $415.00
Workshop Dates: 9/13/2020 - 9/16/2020
Location: Florence Thomas Art School
Address: 10 S Jefferson Avenue, West Jefferson, North Carolina 28694
Country: United States
Website: https://www.florenceartschool.org/event/four-steps-to-realistic-painting-oil-with-debra-keirce-913dk/
Contact: Joni Ray
Email: ftasregister@gmail.com
Phone: 336-846-FTAS (3827)

Are you ready to be the best realist painter you can be?

In 4 days, Debra Keirce - that’s ME! - will share techniques for creating paintings in a classical realism style. Once you know WHAT to do, you can go to your own studio and practice, Practice, PRACTICE. That’s really all there is to it.

  • I will help you apply the traditional oil painting techniques used by master painters like Vermeer and I’ll show you what I think they would be doing if they had the materials we have to work with today.

  • Learn to observe, compose and paint realistically using a proven method I designed for speed and realism

  • Artists of all skill levels are encouraged to come and learn

Here’s a little secret: Using my process, it DOES NOT MATTER what subject you are painting. Faces, pets, architecture, landscape, still life - all present the very same challenges using my method. Are you ready for the challenge?

In this workshop we will use modern materials in a way that I believe the old masters would have used them. My method optimizes speed and realism, using ancient concepts that date back to biblical times. My process is independent of subject matter. That means that you can apply what I share to any still life, portrait, landscape, seascape, floral, architectural or pet painting you are working on.

We will paint indirectly, learning concepts that are central to classical realism ateliers. We will be using the same steps that masters like Johannes Vermeer, Leonardo da Vinci, and Rembrandt painted with in their workshops. But we will create realistic paintings using tools and techniques that weren’t available until the mid 20th century.

I am limiting the workshop to 12 students, because I want this to be an intimate experience for everyone. I will spend as much time with you as you like. We will be in the very comfortable and well lit rooms of Florence Thomas Art School.

As an added convenience, for an optional additional fee of $85, I will provide supplies for you to use during the workshop, and you will not need to transport anything to the workshop. Just come eager to learn. If you prefer to purchase your own supplies, please be careful to bring the exact brands of gessobord panels made by Ampersand, solvent free gel made by Gamblin and Odourless Lean medium made by Archival Oils. This is important in order for your painting to dry properly overnight so you can work on it the next day.

If you see a *** next to an item, please bring that exact brand. Often people bring a different medium or panel, but their work doesn’t dry overnight, so they are at a loss. You can’t paint indirectly if your painting from the previous day is still wet.

If you prefer to use supplies provided for you just for the workshop, call Florence Thomas Art School and ask to have Debra bring you a supply package. There is an $85 supply fee.

***Gessobord by Ampersand approx size Flat, 1/8" thick, approx size 11"x14"
You can purchase this online at https://www.dickblick.com/products/ampersand-gessobord/

***Please do not bring canvas

Please bring the colors listed below, but if you have favorites, feel free to bring them as well. Just set them aside, and try my palette first please.

Acrylic Paint:
We will use acrylic paints for our underpaintings, so yes - we will use both acrylic and oil paint in this workshop.
I favor Chroma Atelier Interactive acrylics but any high flow brand such as Golden Opens or Matisse Flow paints will do. Do not bring heavy body paints, as we will not be painting thickly.
You can purchase Chroma Atelier Interactive acrylics at this link online

Permanent Green Light
French Ultramarine Blue
Cadmium Red Light
Quinacridone Magenta
Cadmium Yellow Light
Raw Umber
Titanium White

Oil Paint:
I favor Gamblin Artists paints but any artist quality paint will do. One place to purchase oil paints online is DickBlick.com

Titanium White
Cadmium yellow medium
Cadmium orange medium
Cadmium red medium
Yellow Ochre
Burnt Sienna
Alizarin Crimson permanent
Burnt Umber
Ultramarine Blue
Chrome Oxide Green

A lot of inexpensive brushes work just fine, but if you want to buy good ones,
Silver Silk 88 Synthetic flat, sizes 4, 6, 8
Silver Silk 88 Synthetic rounds, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
Silver Silk 88 Wash/Glaze, 1 inch
These can be found for purchase at Jerry’s Artarama.
Richeson Grey Matters are also excellent synthetic brushes and they work wonderfully with both acrylic and oil paints.

Large fluffy round soft brushes for blending in various sizes. I like the cheap makeup brushes. You can find makeup brush sets on Amazon for less than $5.

***Gamblin Solvent Free Gel is available on DickBlick.com
***Odourless Lean Archival Oils painting medium, available on DickBlick.com
Small lidded jar to hold Odourless lean medium in
Small glass lidded jar to hold the Gamsol in
Palette, I like a grey toned glass palette, but bring whatever you have.
Paper towels, I like the blue shop towels
Palette knife, I like 2” slender

Drawing supply list:
Drawing/sketch paper in the same size (11x14) or larger than your painting panel. Typical 60 gm sketchbook paper works great.
A regular 2B pencil with eraser for drawing
A ball point pen for drawing transfer

***Artist’s graphite paper - Sally’s graphite transfer paper is available at DickBlick.com
18" ruler or straight edge. You can borrow if you don’t have one.
Bring your scale divider if you have one. The Derwent Scale Divider on DickBlick.com will work fine.

~~~~~~~~~I Will Provide Reference Material~~~~~~~~~~
I will provide a selection of photographs of still life, people and landscapes as photo references. When you get home, you can practice the methods you learn, using your own photographs and live references.