Artist Round Table Bi-Monthly Zoom Session Follow-Up Newsletter (02-05-2023)

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We are all excited for Debra Keirce! She and eight other artists (four 2D and four sculptors) are taking over the entire museum in Salisbury, NC. The exhibition will be held at Waterworks Visual Art Center, NC, from February 13 to May 26, 2023.

Sketching in Pencil and Paint with Maria Hock and Debra Keirce is a one-day workshop (Saturday, February 18, 9am-4pm) at Waterworks Visual Arts Center, NC. Debra Keirce will teach attendees how to recognize and draw a likeness from a photo regardless of your medium while Maria Hock will teach alla prima portraiture from a photo reference.

Do not miss the chance to sign up for one of Julie’s workshops this year.
Color Bootcamp - A Practical Guide to Dynamic Color
Oil Painting Textures and Special Effects

To follow up on artist materials “guru” resources, please check out: the Natural Pigments website. The founders’ mission is to provide the largest variety of natural pigments, paints, and other professional artists’ supplies, enabling them to bring a selection that makes it easy to shop for rare and hard-to-find art materials.
Other resources are:
AMIEN (Just Paint) (No longer active)

The specialist that Anthony mentioned in regard to the “hard dry” fingernail test for paintings and primer was Mark David Gottsegen. Founder of AMIEN, he was also the chair of the federal government’s ASTM committee on artist’s materials, and authored the revised Painter’s Handbook.
Here is one of the articles in which Mr. Gottsegen mentions this “hard dry” test.

Here’s a link to the paper that was mentioned this past session by painter and chemist Chuck Mauldin: When to Varnish?
To view Julie’s Beck Varnishing an Oil Painting with Conservar video, please follow this LINK.
Below are the links to other varnishes that were mentioned:
Conservar Finishing Varnish
Beva UVS Matte Finishing Varnish

Lori Pugh mentioned the phenomenon of Varnish Bloom. You can find some resources on it HERE.

Other types of blooms and hazes can also occur on unvarnished paintings. If interested, here is a paper on that: Examination of a blooming problem in a collection of unvarnished oil paintings.

Here is the drier Natalie mentioned to speed up the drying of Oil Paints: Grumbacher Cobalt Drier
And here is what Debra Kierce talked about in regard to speeding up drying times: Archival Oils Lean Medium

Artist mentioned in regard to diverse career portfolio: Jefferson David Chalfant.

Alla prima Challenges.

In between our bi-weekly Artist Round Table Sessions feel free to come and join the discussions on Smartermarx.

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