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Congratulations to Debra Keirce! Her painting No Place Like Home was juried into the Women Artists of the West 53rd National Juried Exhibition. The exhibition will be held at The Carriage Factory Art Gallery, Newton, KS. This gallery, known as the ‘hidden gem’ of South-central Kansas, is housed in a two-story National Historic Building, circa 1883, a former carriage factory/blacksmith shop that was rescued by the Newton Fine Arts Association in 1983. The show dates: July 22, 2023 – September 15, 2023.

Another show for Debra. This one is the Best of America Small Works International Juried Exhibition, with the National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society. Exhibition dates: April 28-May 27th, 2021

Thank you, Julie, for sharing the materials you use.

Artefex discount JULIE10. The code won’t expire; it can be used whenever. Julie’s current preference for surfaces is their 538 oil-primed extra fine panel. This is Belle Arti oil primed linen that has been adhered to ACM (aluminum composite material). It’s durable, easy to frame, easy to ship, and very archival. They also have sample packs you can buy to test out different options. To purchase, please follow the LINK.

Julie’s 11-piece Trekell brush set is now available! It includes six sizes of Brights, three Filberts, a Liner, and a Mop brush.

All of Julie’s workshops sell out crazy fast so do not miss a chance to sign up for this one! The Magic of Indirect Painting: Still Life.
“Join us on this magical ride through the world of still-life painting. Julie’s painting methods are rooted in classical training, but often take twists and turns through textures, effects, and strategic painting. In this workshop, we will cover setting up an intentional still life, foundational information about oil painting, and explore different ways to work indirectly (painting in layers, rather than all at once). No experience necessary.”

Don’t forget to check out Julie’s recorded classes as well. You can find them HERE.

Debra is busy! She did a podcast with The BoldBrush Circles of Art Marketing. In this session, Debra discusses her experiences, success, and tips in art marketing. It is a paid subscription, which will give you access to a unique, holistic, and proven method for selling more of your art in less time, so you can spend more time doing what you love…painting! You get access to a whole library of marketing guidebooks, a private weekly marketing newsletter, an art marketing video course library, and bi-weekly live zooms with our whole marketing team and invited guest artists.

Our initial conversation revolved around framing this week. One of Anthony’s favorite online framing resources is

We also spoke about useful tools like point drivers, offset clips, and rabbet liners.
Point Drivers and Framing Points
Frameware Offset Clips
Rabbet Felt Liner Strip

Less than a month till DP 2023!
Roundtable member and professional graphic designer Mark McDermott created the first official t-shirt for the 2023 Diagnostic Painter. The t-shirt is available in his Etsy store, markonthesurface.
Mark generously gave his time and talents to design this shirt, and it would be awesome if everyone could support him by favoriting and following his store, liking items, and leaving a five star review.
Diagnostic Painter attendees get a 15% discount at checkout with the promo code ARTCAMP.

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As per Alexandra’s mention of shadow boxes–please find below Waichulis Shadow Box Design Plans file link.
Design Plans.

Also, if anyone is on is looking for Waichulis Form Box: While it is no longer available commercially through the Waichulis Studio Store, the forms box can be 3D printed. The plans are available on the Thingiverse website here:
Additional information about building your own Form Box can be found on the Smartermarx site here: Acquiring the Waichulis Form Box


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