A. Waichulis: Discovery II WIP images

Hi all, here is an image of my work, “Discovery II” (7x5", Oil) and a few WIP images that go along with it. I hope you enjoy! BTW: “Discovery II” will be awarded to one lucky enigmaphile in conjunction with the 2019 Lovetts Gallery exhibit, Enigma. Clues on how to win this painting will be posted on social media as well as here on Smartermarx! Stay tuned!


:astonished: awesome!!
You’ve set the bar too high for me, though.

Holy cow, it’s extraordinary! You have set the bar of painting “outta this world”! Pun intended.

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It turned out beautiful…well…you can’t set your standards too high, otherwise you might stumble over them :+1:


Oh that’s a good one Bert! I think I might be stealing that. LOL! :smiley:

I’ve got a few ideas… let us know when we should send our ideas in.

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