A. Waichulis - Mémoire (12x9”, Oil) - WIP images

Here’s a few glimpses at the development of a recent piece, Mémoire (12x9", Oil.)

(Finished work) Mémoire (12x9", Oil.)

WIP images:


I am very in love with this painting, haha! Anthony, as always BRAVO!!!

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wow, amazing… all of it…
i have so many questions! like how did you get the score lines so straight?

and… is there a 42 hidden in here too?

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I am so glad to know that you like it Sigrid!

The score lines were laid in free hand and then “shaped” with a ruler and stylus. You can see how I use a stylus in early drawing layers here:


And yes—there’s indeed a 42! Although it might be a little hard to see with this resolution. :wink:


Thanks for the images Anthony! Great painting!!

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That’s an incredible painting!

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Tony this is my new fav! It is just spectacular! I love the black and white nostalgic figure included into the composition. Who is she? Was this the piece you were working on when I was there? I remember you oainting a card and showed us your matnifying glass. I am in live with this one💕

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