An alternative to a mahl stick or cane

In today’s Skype session, Anthony was addressing how to keep your lines straight when you are painting lines that need to be straight and even. I find a mahl stick or cane to sometimes slip.
I have a tool that appears like an old adjustable mopstick that you can make short or long. The head is like that of a slider that fits in the groove of my easel. It rotates on a rubber 360 degree type of hinge joint.
When I need albsolutely straight lines without shake, I can use this tool for any scale length and glide across my easel. I can also leave it hanging vertically where it doesn’t come near the painting, and I can lean my wrist or arm on it directly over the detailed area I need to paint with 100% control.

Upon Anthony’s recommendation , I am using a stylus as well… thank you Tony! Great tool.

If anyone needs the specs on this tool and dimensions lmk:-)


Great idea Nancy!


It works great but I can’t take all the credit. Bill from Hughes easels took my specs and built it:-) easy to make and I love that it glides horizontally, the stick can adjust long to short. It stays vertically with great stability and you can lean your hand on it! It’s the best contraption I’ve used.


That’s a great idea, I’ve done something similar but supported from the bottom rather than hung from the top. It’s essentially a groove the same diameter as a dowel along which I can slide the hand rest (I can also lift it out and use as a T-square). The main drawback is the groove gets used for holding other stuff and can get filled with charcoal… But it works very well.