Anthony Waichulis' Seven Part Primer on Pictorial Composition

Anthony Waichulis’ Seven Part Primer on Pictorial Composition:

A Primer on Pictorial Composition (I-VII) 2016, 215 pgs.

“Any path to effective visual communication must begin with the one factor that determines our ability to elicit meaning from visual stimuli, allows for our experience of aesthetic quality, and facilitates successful communication–our biology. A Primer on Pictorial Composition is a seven part walk-through of the many exciting and insightful contributions from modern vision science, empirical aesthetics, neuroaesthetics, cognitive psychology and evolutionary psychology that can augment or replace many of the long-standing heuristics that continue to guide contemporary compositional efforts.” Download the full PDF here: a-primer-on-pictorial-composition-_anthony-waichulis

Pictorial Composition Consideration Map (jpeg. 1440×856)