Visual Language Core Part I (Section A & B) and Part II, 357 pgs

Visual Language Core Part I (Section A & B) and Part II 2018, 357 pgs.

Select content from several contemporary curricula including the Waichulis Language of Drawing, Language of Painting, and Visual Language Programs. This content may be shared freely so that any aspiring or seasoned creatives may benefit from the information herein.

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In addition, we are considering the launching of a Kickstarter or GoFundMe campaign in the next month or so to have a number of these books printed for the libraries within prisons, detention centers, shelters, and other public facilities that may make good use free such educational materials. If you know of a facility or organization that would benefit from this free resource, please let us know at either of the aforementioned email addresses.

DOWNLOAD BOTH PARTS HERE: Resources | Art and Articles


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