Hi from Anthony Waichulis!

My name is Anthony Waichulis and I am a professional artist, educator and the co-founder/curriculum designer for The Waichulis Studio and the International Ani Art Academies. After completing my own visual art education, I began to develop a great interest in the neurobiological underpinnings that were responsible for the creative activities that I remain so very passionate about. As such, I have found invaluable insight into the “art experience” through the study of neuroscience, cognitive psychology, evolutionary biology/psychology and newly emerging, interdisciplinary fields like neuroaesthetics.
I look forward to the opportunity to share the many resources that I have developed over the years (and the ones still in progress) and hope that they allow you to grow your creative arsenal.

To learn more about my efforts you may visit: anthonywaichulis.com or aniartacademies.org


Hi anthony…I am trying to catchup here:) I will be on for tomorrow!

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