"Appeal" 8x8 Oil on Canvas

This little 8"x8" on canvas panel started out as a demo. Demonstrating a traditional painting technique of starting with a grisaille, and explaining the benefits of that approach. It sat for quite a while as a grisaille and a few brush marks and I decided to finish it. Was pretty happy with the result.


Another hit Mark!!! Beautifully done!

Do you by chance have an image of the grisaille stage??? I’d love to see it if you do. :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

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I went relatively detailed for a grisaille just for shits & giggles. I use Old Holland Raw Umber (in my opinion the only brand for Raw Umber) and bits of Titanium Zinc White. First toning the panel with Raw Umber. I usually leave lots of time for the white to dry while I contemplate any changes before painting. Then it’s mostly direct painting with bits of indirect thrown in at the end. On my other pieces that I posted I’ve been priming the panel with a mid-tone grey, drawing on that then filling it in much as you do (Anthony).


SOOOOOO awesome Mark!!! I did a few works and studies in college and art school that included a process utilizing a grisaille but it always seemed like a lot of extra work. As such I kinda bailed on it relatively quick. In any case—you’re definitely rocking the process here!!!

Fantastic—and thank you again for sharing!!!


I don’t normally do grisaille anymore. However if I’m teaching I find it a great way for someone to learn. Especially dealing with value within colour. And ya, it’s totally extra work that I’m not keen on. I think Tony Curanaj (spelling?) and James Hollingsworth use grisaille still. Working great for them. They’re a lot faster than me :slight_smile: