Plein air attempt

This is my first plein air, and I haven’t done much alla prima. I was going for something that looked Richard Schmid-like. It was a great break from the super tight piece I’ve been doing, but I need feedback on it.

What do you think? Does it look Schmid-like? Is it good? I feel differently about it each time I look at it.

Suggestions for improvement either in this piece or my (apparent) process?


Awesome John! Richard Schmid was the first thing that came to mind. :smiley:

One thing that might help in navigating this aesthetic is the fact that Richard establishes large, strong abstract “masses” and tends to pull out (or add in) smaller components out as opposed to a strategy in which masses tend to be built up from smaller components slowly.

Here, take a look at this close up:

The “guts” of this work was added in a cavalier manner prior to the building of the smaller floral components:

This site has a great walk-through of this piece in development:


Very helpful feedback and link, Anthony. Thanks!

So true about his laying in the large masses first, wiping away, and then adding the small masses. I haven’t worked that way before, but the class I’m in is doing another plein air session this Friday, so I will try it this way next time.

Also, comforting to see that only the first bit got accomplished in 45 min. I thought Schmid was doing the whole thing in that amount of time, so it is good to see that even though it looks cavalier, it is carefully planned and painted. I’ll take my time next time.

Anyone have suggestions on how to improve this piece?

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