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Bohemian Rhapsody Finito! 10 hours of painting to finish this for Poets and Artists Publication 50 Great Figurative Artists 2017 curated by Steven Daluz. Hope I get in🙄. This is the pro shot

I wanted to share what products used to oil out as areas sunk in:( I used to use retouch varnish when the paint is dry by Windsor Newton spray can, no damar. Maxfieldld Parrish did this in between coats of dry paint. It keeps the color vibrant and you can see the correct values minus the sunken in areas! George O’Hanlon recommended to nott do this! Change up: So, oleogel and walnut oil gel by NP. Amazing luminosity!!! I maintained a very clean vibrant look and did not use anything else. In the shadows, NP Canadian Balsam! It’s thick and so use it sparingly. It makes transparent luminous shadows! In love with lead white Nbr 1! This is a first with Artfix Linen Panel by Raymar. A bit pricey but they had a great ale or I would not have ever purchased this! Lmk what you guys think of the finale:slight_smile:!


Beautiful work Nanci. And I always appreciate an artist sharing what materials work for them. This can save a lot of experimentation. Good luck on the poets and artists.

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Very beautiful! And thanks for sharing your materials- Rublev paints are so nice!

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Thanks Diane:-) i try to share my eork habits and exoeriences with different orofucts i use and techniques. Ivreally live this forum group and everyone is very supportive:-) so im trying to post content that other artists may think about trying or doing.

Hi Tracy, i thank you. Yes Rublev is awesome but i do like Michael Harding too. I also use Rembrandt as it is a very goid oaint, consistant texture and much cheaper!