Radiolab Podcast on Color

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When I’m painting, I like to listen to something more ‘useful’ than simply music (that’s debatable)!
Sometimes it’s an audiobook of a novel I’ll never read. Once I tried to learn Japanese! I also like to listen to a dramatisation of a Sherlock Holmes adventure. Most of the time, I listen to podcasts. Many of them educational like film, debates and the sciences.

This was one of those science podcasts from which I learned so much about colour and how we see it.
Enjoy and happy painting!!


I live on podcast as well, it relaxes me and puts me in a great mood. while painting it destracts me, but during commutes and stretching canvases and cleaning brushes it’s the best!

I have many favorites, these are among the ones I listen to that are art related-

  • suggested donation
  • savvy painter podcast
  • pleinair podcast
  • the studio- daniel grant
  • the sculptor’s funeral
  • john dalton- gently does it
  • unmistakable creative
  • the abundant artist podcast

Any favorites you suggest?


I love the Sculptor’s Funeral!

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