Broken Ferriswheel WIP

I am almost done with this painting called Broken Ferriswheel. It is based on my friend singer/songwriter/ musician Laura Crisci’s song about being stuck in a relationship and wants out. The only thing I have left is the card that will say Admit One. Thank you Tony for making me realize my original idea of just those 2 words is enough and to let the viewers figure it out! Here is another iphone shot in a different room. I will post the pro shot next week. Took a few suggestions and made the card smaller and changed color to a blue green. The background has more aqua tones than this shot… but iPhones are ■■■■:) ! Curious as to what you guys get from the visual.

The signed and closeup pix


Beautiful Nanci! I love it! :smiley:

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Thx Tony:-) I need to redo text. I tried to handletter with the stylus but my persective is off. I am going to put a layer in photoshop and use perpective tool for text. I guess I became impatient and wanted to start anither painting:(

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Nice work Nancy, but also check the position of the chin.


saw that…thx Mark!

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Great work, Nancy- I love it!!

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Thank you so much Tracy! I much appreciate your comment!