The Offering WIP

Still chipping away at this and have til next week to get it done fior ARC. Background is imaginative and block in layer. The head, chest, arms are done! Still have jewelry, too, hand, and that wee fairy on upoer right.

I changed tatoo on upper arm to be more delicate as her sleeve is overkill with chunky hard design. The idea is mysticism, the unknown, hope, and an inside out outside in of gratitude, peace, and light.

I chose to juxtapose the heavy tatooed girl with purple hair as the tough on the edge girl against the angelic face, white top as the hard and the soft. People make judgment on appearances all the time. Things aren’t always what they seem at first glance! The fairy gives her energy power and the lightning bugs stand for the unknown the mystery the light at night!
The next to lastt two shots are my most recent. Excuse the glary sunken in background on our upoer right! Iohone â– â– â– â–  shot.


Awesome Nanci!!! <3 <3 <3

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Wow, looking great! I love that face :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much Tony. I am starting to doubt my subject and narrative these days. I scratch my head when i see some of the works out there that get into shows etc. they are rather same old or ugly or bizarre. Wondering if i should change the nice looking models and go wrinkled peeps that are naked!

Thanks so much Tom!

Nanci I think that we all doubt some part of our creative process at one time or another. You can absolutely drive yourself bonkers trying to suss out the patterns that predict what works will sing to the public. It’s a massively-complicated conflation of ever-changing variables.

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Wonderful work- love seeing the progression, thanks for sharing Nanci!!

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Thanks for that insight Tony. I have been a little down until
I went to Rehs for I observe. Amy talked with me for quite sometime and introduced me to Lance. He spent 15 minutes talking about the market… art sales and consistency of work. He knew a couple of my paintings and asked how big Keys of Soul was. At the end he told me to send him 6-8 pieces when I am ready. Amy told ne sizes they sell allot of which I knew most of them.
I am just focusing on a narrative that appeals to me now. By the time your workshop rolls atound, I would love to work in strongee narrative design. I will have some reference comps if that’s ok with you!

Thx Tracy! YW!!!

Can you share the sizes they sell a lot of? It would be really helpful for me to know.

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What do you mean about sizes they sell allot of Tim?

You said:

I took that to mean Rehs Gallery tends to sell art of certain sizes more than others. If that’s what you meant, it would be really helpful info to know!


Ahhh understand! From what I gathered standard sizes that fot over fireplaces, mantles, hallway, etc. 24x36 18x24 16x20 etc. verticals not trcommended as per Amy Rehs. Keep in mind it is only one gallery’s interpretation. For instance, she had something to say about tattoos but her son said ot is an LA market and not a problem. People looking right at the viewers is mot as sellable as those looking away. I have seen artists sell a oerson looking at you. Pam Wilson, Mary Jane Ansell just a couple. It all depends in the gallery.
I am not an expert to give advice. I would say Anthony is your man! He is an expert snd in the game of galleries for quite a long time!


Thanks, Nanci!

It’s a good data point to have, even if not perfect.

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