Chrome Yellow, 9 x 12", oil on panel

I was inspired to paint some bit of painting history on this piece: One of William Harnett´s first painting was of a paint tube and some grapes…that´s why I decided to paint the Winsor and Newton metal paint tube and a fruit picture(bananas). I also wanted to paint the bee to challenge myself even more and add more interest to the painting.


Historic reference noticed and appreciated Jose! I noticed it right away as that painting is featured in one of my favorite art books, the Amon Carter Museum’s book William Michael Harnett. The have several of his early works in the book including some of his early cast drawings. A great tribute indeed Jose!

For reference, here is the work (left) Jose mentioned along with a few other quick studies (from the same book mentioned above) on the right.


The bee is awesome :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Anthony!! I´m honored to know you have liked it! Yes, that´s the painting I was talking about…I got that same book and is also one of my favorite art books. They have lots of rare pictures there like “Paint Tube and Grapes” and there´s another painting I like that I wish I could see a more detailed picture online…the one with the dog figurine, pocket watch and stuff :+1:

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Thank you, Jeffrey! I´m glad to know you have liked how I painted that little bee :slight_smile: