Hello, there, fellow painters

Hi. This is my first time posting on this or any forum of any kind. I’m a serious amateur, mostly self-taught painter who is astounded by the variety of techniques, effects, and working methods of oil paint. I like most genres and periods of painting, from the middle ages (Van Ecke, Van der Weyden), Renaissance, Baroque, up through 20th century illustration (Maxfield Parrish, Rockwell), impressionism and even post-impressionism. I experiment with all kinds of techniques, hoping one day to discover my personal method and style.

I’m always interested to learn and it seems like everyone here is really smart and talented, so I’m looking forward to sharing.

Attached is a monochrome study I recently finished and a painting of my wife with an old Cherry tree in DC.

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These are great! Welcome!

There is an absolute ton of info available here - smartermarx is an incredible resource, so be sure to use the search function if you’re interested in anything specific.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work :slight_smile:

Thanks, Martin. I’ll be sure to use that search function.

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Wow! Great work and welcome aboard!!! As Martin said—be sure to use the search function to find anything specific. Look forward to kicking ideas around together Thomas~~~

Hope you have an amazing 2022 ahead!

Thanks! Getting on the forum with like-minded people is definitely stimulating. Your work is very inspiring and I know you’ll produce some even more mind-blowing pieces this year.