Filming work on the easel

Hi all,

I’m interested in making more videos of myself working, and am struggling with the optimal placement of the camera. Has anybody come across any resources online that cover this point?


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What a great question Jeff. I have placed cameras in “over the shoulder” orientations and then digitally corrected for perspective. This is often effective in creating an “artist’s perspective” but I’d be curious to know if there are better options. Let me know if you learn of anything better. :smiley:

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Hey Anthony - you were digitally correcting perspective on video or just still images? What tool did you use? This topic will certainly end up as a blog post, assuming I figure it out.

I corrected video perspective with a program called Cyberlink Power Director. It’s fairly easy to use and has a great salvo of useful tools.


Thanks - I’m downloading it now.

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I started filming myself painting recently and so far I’ve mostly been doing over the shoulder with my DSLR. I bought a used sony A6000 mirrorless camera from B&H thats a lot smaller and comes with a wide angle lens. I am able to switch it up periodically and put that in front of myself. Also rigged an iphone set up for the shorter clips. :wink:

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Thanks Kevin - do you have any of that video online?

Not yet! I’m working on two videos at the moment, one should be done within the next week though (hopefully). I’m very new to filming and editing with adobe premiere so it has been a time consuming but fun new challenge! I’ll let you know as soon as I upload.

Here is an iphone time lapse-


That’s great Kevin - look forward to more

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