Video setup

I’d like to start recording videos of myself drawing and painting. I’m curious what the best setups are for this. I’m especially interested in where/how to place a camera so it doesn’t interfere with my process, but also doesn’t create distortion for the viewer. I work standing up at an easel, and haven’t really found a video setup that works with that. But I’ve seen videos online that are successful.

What kind of setups are you all using, or have seen that work well?

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OMG—I’d love to the answers to this one. My video setups are the ABSOLUTE worst. Many of LoD/LoP exercises that I filmed were actually done while looking at the camera screen. --Hilariously horrible.

I’m following this thread for sure.

My ideal setup would be something that’s just there unobtrusively, and I can easily just film or not film while I work, and it produces a good quality video. Maybe a bit of a pipe dream, but it seems like the right goal to shoot towards.

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Well, I’ve learned a ton from your videos! So something is working at least. I really appreciate the effort you’ve put in.

Most of the videos I’ve seen from you seem to be looking down at a horizontal surface. Is that right?

That’s good to hear. But yes, they are all filmed from a near-perpendicular angle (and super obstructive!) :joy::joy::joy: