Hello Language of Drawing and Painting Community!

Hello, my name is Toni Kramer and I just started The Language of Drawing course that I bought from Anthony Waichulis through Àni Art Academies. My teacher is Daniel Peterson, who posted one of my pressure scale pages on here the other day. I do not have any previous drawing experience, but am enjoying diving into this curriculum, you know. I hope it will be okay to post questions here when they come up and receive constructive criticism. I do plan on taking The Language of Painting course following this one.

Please stay safe and well during this time and I look forward to getting to know the community more as I progress through the curriculum.

Take care,


Welcome Toni!

It is nice to see you among our ever-growing community of dedicated creatives. Please do feel free to post any questions you have throughout your journey. That’s why we are here. In addition, we have many supplementary resources here that can make your practice more productive than ever.

Best wishes!!!



Hi Toni,

I saw the pressure scales that were posted a short while ago - super job so far! I’m not that far ahead of you and also plan on going through the Language of Painting once I’ve completed the Language of Drawing. Smartermarx has been incredibly useful to me and everyone here is great, welcome aboard, I look forward to seeing your updates and progression.