Greetings All!

Hello everyone!

My name is Kristin and I’m currently enrolled in Ani Art Academies America over in NJ . Since the recent lock down, I’m setting out to create a solid learning schedule where I can get all the feedback I can. I came to Ani with some background in drawing for comics and illustration but wanting to go further into fine art as well. Very grateful to be a part of it. Looking forward to meeting and learning with all of you!

(As a side, any artists out there you’ve been inspired by lately? :smiley:)



Hello and welcome! Can’t wait to see what art you create.

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Hey Kristin—

Welcome aboard! I’m very happy to see you here (and I hope that you guys are all safe and well!) I will look forward to seeing you in the trenches of some of our discussions here. Also—please explore as much as you can. There is a TON of solid content already posted here already and there is much more on the way!

All my best,


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Hi Kristin,

Hope the lockdown doesn’t affect your studies. I’ve always been interested to know what goes on inside the Ani-Art Academies, so if ever you (or anyone else) wants to give a rundown on what apprentices get up to I would be all ears. I mean I know you follow the LOD and LOD courses, but I’m always interested to know, for example, how long it takes people, and do some in the class rush ahead, whilst other slowly plod through.


Hey Thomas,

While following the exercises, accumulative drawing/painting pieces are also started usually after completing a significant portion (Like a still life that focuses on a certain form or a drawing from your own chosen reference). Personally I just finished the spheres repetition practices so after it I’m drawing (what would have been in the studio’s still life darkroom) a sphere form from life then creating a drawing that focuses on a spherical subject.

Some apprentices do proceed through the course rather quickly but thats only if the instructor sees their completion of the exercise (especially the final sheet of a form repetition lets say) is done to the right standard. to my knowledge they’re still gathering information to get a good sense of the average time it takes for completion however from what I have heard it can take anywhere from a year to 3. The cool part is though even if you feel like you’re progressing slowly, you do start to see big improvements early on (especially after completing pressure scales). Most of the time I think how quickly someone progresses depends more on how much time they’re dedicating to the program vs comprehension. If you are able to stick to a schedule you’ll continue to advance fairly quickly though in the long run its always better to focus on getting the exercise right rather than rushing through.

from a personal point, I’ve found everyone involved extremely helpful and welcoming so all good things to say on that end.

Hope that helps!


Great to hear some ‘insider info’ :slight_smile: and looking forward to seeing your progress!

(As a side, any artists out there you’ve been inspired by lately? :smiley:)

Mr Waichulis’ own grape demo gave me a major level up in technique and confidence recently, apart from that I just came across Will St. John on instagram, some great looking portrait work there, also liking Scott Waddell’s take on Bouguereau (he has recently started a Patreon with a growing collection of walkthroughs). Anything in particular you’re enjoying and recommend?

Thanks for the reply Kristin, that’s very helpful. 1 to 3 years is interesting. Originally I thought everyone completed the course in the space of a year. It’s good to know that a) some people need a lot longer and b) everyone goes at their own pace.

Thanks again and good luck with the course!